communication com‧mu‧ni‧ca‧tion [kəˌmjuːnˈkeɪʆn] noun
1. [uncountable] the process of exchanging information or ideas:

• Because some editors work in San Francisco and others in London, there is a greater need for communication in the decision-making process.

• rules of confidentiality which limit communication

• The industry will continue to evolve as communication technology changes and mass communication (= ways of passing information to a large number of people ) becomes even more sophisticated.

ˌcorporate communiˈcation also organiˌzational communiˈcation [uncountable]
HUMAN RESOURCES the process of providing information about a company for its employees, or for its customers and the public, so that they know what the company is trying to achieve and have a good opinion of the company :

• Employee, community, and media relations are just a few aspects of an effective corporate communication strategy.

ˈpress communiˌcations [plural]
MARKETING information and activities that are provided for newspapers, TV etc, in order to make people more aware about a company and its products :

• You'll be responsible for product launches, press communications and PR at shows and events.

2. [countable] formal a letter, message, or telephone call:

• The CAA recently received a communication from the French Director of Civil Aviation, complaining about the matter.

3. be in communication with somebody formal to talk or write to someone on a regular basis, or be in the process of talking or writing to someone:

• We are currently in communication with the company regarding the matter of compensation.

4. TELECOMMUNICATIONS communications [plural] ways of sending information, especially using a telephone, radio, or computer:

• The network offers the most cost-effective form of mobile communications available.

ˈwireless communiˌcations [plural]
TELECOMMUNICATIONS communications that do not involve passing signals through electrical or telephone wires, for example mobile telephones:

• a new product that blends wireless communications with portable computing

5. TRANSPORT communications [plural] used to talk about ways of travelling or sending goods on the roads, railways etc:

• With its many airports and train stations, London has excellent communications with the rest of Europe.

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communication UK US /kəˌmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun COMMUNICATIONS
[U] the process of sharing information, especially when this increases understanding between people or groups: »

We have been in communication with various agencies in regard to this matter.

a form/means/method of communication »

Email is an excellent means of communication because of the flexibility it allows.


The training department uses a special board game to improve communication between managers and their employees.

enhance/improve/foster communication »

He said communication with neighborhoods and community groups must be improved.


The project failed because of a lack of communication between the two departments.


There was a breakdown in communication.

channels/lines of communication »

It is important to keep the channels of communication open at all times.


Effective communication is a two-way process.


Good communication skills are essential in this job.


In the study, the effectiveness of online communication was contrasted with person-to-person interaction.

See also CORPORATE COMMUNICATION(Cf. ↑corporate communication), MASS COMMUNICATION(Cf. ↑mass communication)
[C] FORMAL a written or spoken message: »

I kept a record of who I spoke to, wrote to, or received a communication from.


By subscribing to the list, you are agreeing to receive regular email communications from the company.

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